2012 Candidate Profiles: David Gerson of Minnesota Congressional District Two
Incumbent Republican U.S. representative John Kline (R-MN) has been looked upon as a hero in the Minnesota GOP for his stunning upset of popular Democratic congressman Bill Luther (DFL-MN) in 2002, but times have dramatically changed since then. Ten years after his historic victory, Kline has a number of constituents unhappy with him and as a result he is now facing his first severe election test since 2002. This time, however, the challenge is within his own party; coming from engineer and economic author David Gerson (R-MN) of Eagan, Minnesota... Read More

2012 Candidate Profiles: Chris Fields of Minnesota Congressional District Five
He is running in a district where Republicans have not won since 1960, but that does not deter former Marine Chris Fields (R-MN) from believing he can replace incumbent Congressman Keith Ellison (D-MN) in Minnesota’s Fifth Congressional District and so join the other 434 U.S. representatives on Capitol Hill in January 2013... Read More

Governor Gary Johnson: "I need to be in the national presidential debates in order to win the Presidency" 
In an interview with New Agora journalists Professor Wall and Info Crusader, former New Mexico Governor and eventual Libertarian Party presidential nominee Gary Johnson was asked, in response to an article on Examiner.com which forecast his potential to win the presidency in November 2012, what it would take for him to become the 45th President of the United States... Read More

Why Santorum's victories on February 7, 2012 meant nothing
The media is scrambling over the fact that Rick Santorum swept the three states which held their Republican caucuses last night. This, coming on the heels of Mitt Romney's wins in Florida and Nevada, has seemed to throw the Republican presidential nomination race into turmoil according to the media. However, it is not as complicated as the media is portraying it to be. The facts speak for themselves and those who investigate them should be able to see this clearly. Last night's results changed nothing. Rick Santorum will not be the Republican presidential nominee... Read More

Santorum is Finished as a 2012 Presidential Candidate
I watched the Republican presidential candidate of January 26, 2012 (once it was posted on YouTube) last night and while I have seen the same things that many of my fellow political opinion commentators, both famous and unknown, have seen, one thing stood out to me, and it was a point I think many may have missed... Read More